Today, I cried.

I wasn’t sad. Or scared. Or in pain.

But today, I cried.

These tears could only be traced to positive beginnings. They appeared the same as all tears do, but as they traced their delicate path down my unshaven face, they found themselves trickling over a smile before falling gracefully to the stones beneath my feet.

Today, of all days, I cried.

The Chinese girl stared at me. She silently wondered what terrible thing could have happened to me. She had more tattoos than bare skin. I’ll remember her.

Today, I awoke to so many blessings, I cried.

An email from somebody important to me. Reminding me there are good people in my life.

A text from someone I just haven’t met yet, though I feel like I’ve known them my whole life.

A note from a friend of days gone by. Telling me that my smile often makes her smile.

An invitation from new friends, signed “with love and affection.” We became family on day one.

Today, I smiled.

Because I’m alive.

Because I’m loved.

Because I don’t need to figure this life out to appreciate it.

Because the bird perched on the chair next to mine has been singing to me since I sat down. He was born to sing.

Today, as if ordained by some higher power, I smiled.

It’s no different than any other day. Yet it’s the most amazing one yet.