These things have a way of working themselves out

People I meet seem to be completely infatuated with worrying. My friends love to worry. My school mates used to worry like it was the latest trend.

People worry. And I’m beginning to think people may always worry. But I’m honestly not sure why.

I’ve been on the road for nearly 4 months now, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned about life in general, it is this: worrying doesn’t help anybody.

I’ve been homeless in South America twice already—once in Bolivia and once in Chile.

In Bolivia, I arrived to a small town by train at 11:30pm only to discover that it was -15˚C and I was dressed for summer. As I emerged from the train station, shivering cold, I had to walk around a drunk man who was peeing. On the floor. In the middle of the station. I was cold, miserable, and homeless. I managed to find a cheap hostel with no heat and no running water.

But the sun still rose the next morning. And new friends were sent to my table during breakfast. And they spoke perfect English because they were Canadian. So things worked out.

In Chile, my CouchSurfing host neglected to tell me he was moving out of his apartment 2 days after I arrived. Luckily enough, I had plans to sit down for a drink that night with someone I had just met online. We were both software engineers and we both loved hiking, so we hit it off perfectly. His roommate also happened to be out of town for the week, so he offered me a room all to myself. And then we went trekking in The Andes. So things worked out.

In Monaco, I arrived at the train station with no place to stay. At 6pm. Now, understand that Monaco is a place where hotels cost upwards of $500 per night and the concept of hostels is nonexistent. So I posted an open request to the CouchSurfing community. Within moments, I received an invitation from a man who offered to come pick me up at the train station. He also happened to live in a large home on a cliff overlooking the harbor. I sat on his balcony that evening and, over the course of a few bottles of wine, learned about his life as a pastor. So things worked out.

If you stop worrying and start living, I promise things will work themselves out. Stop trying to command the world around you and just take a step back. Maybe the universe is better at running itself than you are. Have a little faith.