Smiling stupidly

Sometimes, you spend years of your life searching for someone. That person who understands you. That person who is the perfect size for you to wrap your arms around. Completely. That person who smiles as often as you do. Maybe even more.

And then, the moment you stop looking, that girl finds you. She offers a sweet “hello.” And a little fire ignites within you. A still, small flame.

You begin to stay awake until 5:00 am every morning simply to wish her sweet dreams across the time gap.

And then you find yourself on an airplane. Just you and your butterflies.

Into the sky you go. Counting each kilometer as it passes by. One… Two… Thailand reveals itself beneath you. 3,000. 4,000. Saudi Arabia’s sands lash out as you fly over them. 13,917. Finally.

You step off the aircraft and float towards the automatic doors that offer your next great adventure. As you pass through them, you look around. Over there, a sign with your name on it.

And then you see her. Amidst the crowd of suits and tour guides, she stands out like a pillar of light.

Of course, she’s the girl who’s smiling stupidly. As if this boy just flew halfway around the world to meet her.

But he did. And his only intention was to give her a hug. And return that sweet “hello” she offered him so many days earlier.

Off to the pub you go. Holding hands on the first day, because it just feels right. You wish the butterflies would let you rest for a moment. But you sort of want them to stay as well.

And then you begin to notice things about this girl. She’s special. She has the most beautiful, piercing green eyes you’ve ever seen. Her scent is reminiscent of all things sweet. Her smile makes you wish you could bottle up certain moments forever.

And then you find yourself on an airplane. Just you and… her. Going on an adventure together, because the universe never told you not to. Spain. Tapas. Rome. Ice cream. Venice. Wine. Water. Life.

This girl twitches when she sleeps, in the cutest way possible. She teaches you even during the silent moments. She grins every time your hand finds hers, but secretly hopes you don’t notice. She makes you want to be the best person you can be. She’s your girl.

Now you’re walking along the beach, hand-in-hand. And as you embrace the setting sun, you catch a glimpse of your reflection in the water. And you notice something.

You’ve got a stupid smile on your face.

And stupid smiles are the best kind.