Recently, I found myself stumbling. I couldn’t find the motivation to take care of myself. I was unable to concentrate. I felt incomplete and unfulfilled. I was beginning to sense stress in my life. And stress always points toward something that needs to change.

I was growing judgmental. I was lacking in thankfulness. I was becoming unproductive and angry.

It was time to hit reset.

So I put some soothing music on. Bon Iver, to be exact.

I turned a few lamps on.

I laid down and took a nap.

And the next morning, I awoke early and went for a run. And prayed. And had a coffee and read.

And just like that, my energy resurfaced. My mind was once again centered and stable. My conversations grew more real. My hostility disappeared. My smile returned.

All it took was a nap. Or a run. Or a coffee. Or a prayer.

Or maybe it just took a moment. To relax.

To say thank you.

To smile.