Logic vs positive thinking

I’m a person bound by logic. I’ve always found great comfort in numbers and mathematics. I like that 2 + 2 = 4 today, just as it will tomorrow and just as it will 10 years from now (except for exceedingly large values of 2, of course). I studied calculus, physics, statistics, numerical methods, and linear algebra—all subjects in which answers are obtainable and absolute—for 6 years in university.

I’ve been trained to apply logic in all situations. If I drink milk that’s past its expiry date, I should get sick. If I leave my car unlocked in a busy city, someone may decide they need the things inside said car more than I do.

But not everyone who drinks old milk gets sick.

And not everyone who leaves their vehicle unlocked gets robbed.

And not all outcomes can be explained by pure logic.

Sometimes magic happens. And I’ve learned to call that “magic” positive thinking.

I have a friend here in La Paz who truly believes she can affect situations through the power of positive energy. She leaves her house unlocked in a place where people build 8-foot walls around their property to prevent theft, yet she has never been robbed. She drives down busy streets incredibly fast because she enjoys driving incredibly fast, yet she has never been in an accident. She hasn’t been sick in over 10 years—confirmed by her parents—because she believes she will be healthy today. And tomorrow. And 10 years from now.

We cannot deny the power of positive thinking. It exists in perfect form in the placebo effect. Sick people are given pills which they’re told will cure their illness, when in fact the pills contain nothing but saline (salt) solution. However, since the people believe the medicine will cure them, it does. They’re able to trick themselves into healing.

The human mind is a powerful force. If you truly believe something will happen, it often will. Let’s stop expecting failure and start inheriting positive outcomes. And let’s do it today.