Letting life happen

Back home in Canada, people love to plan. Every minute of every day must be accounted for. Why? For the sake of being busy, of course.

When your entire life is planned, all spontaneity is lost. No longer can the universe offer you experiences during those quiet times. Because there are none. I used to think I was filling my life with important little events. Reading that book will teach me a certain lesson I feel I need to learn. Lifting weights each day will give me that body I feel I need to sport. Sometimes, I even planned to take time to sit down and plan my week. That’s meta.

I’ve stopped planning every moment of my life. Today, I awoke with a general sense of direction, but nothing beyond that. I might go rock climbing this morning, if it works out. I may go watch a soccer game tonight, if there happens to be one. I may just sit in the sun and be thankful for its warmth.

I understand that some things need to be planned. If you want to fly somewhere, you need to book a flight ahead of time. But not all things must be expected.

Letting life happen lands you with the task of babysitting a Spanish child whom you’re unable to communicate with. But that’s okay, because Mario is universally enjoyable and Spongebob Squarepants will always entertain.

Letting life happen places you at a boudoir photo shoot at 11 o’clock on a Saturday night in a foreign town. And that happens to be the place you meet a new friend who takes you mountain climbing the next day. How did you end up there? It’s simple—you had no plans. You were free.

If you’re the type of person who lives and dies by your calendar, try something new. Don’t plan anything tomorrow. Just wake up and see where the universe takes you.