Less success, more life

Being successful by society’s standards is simple.

Go to university. Get a degree. Get a job. Get a wife. Get a house. Get babies. Get rich. Get dead.

Being successful by God’s standards takes a little more effort.

Be humble. Be selfless. Love every person you encounter. Act out of kindness. Practice self-control. Be gentle. Be peaceful. Be joyful.

Those criteria prove to be slightly more difficult to check off a list.

I wonder what our lives would be like if we quit trying to be successful and instead tried to be peaceful. Or joyful. Or humble.

Why are you working? Is it because you don’t know what else to do? Take some time and figure it out. Better to invest the next twenty, or thirty, or forty years of your life in something you truly enjoy than in something you have no passion for.

Is it because you think money is going to make you happy? It won’t. In fact, it’s going to introduce more stress into your life because you’re going to have to spend time managing that now, too.

Is it because you’re saving your dollars for that thing you want so badly? I promise you won’t be taking that thing with you when your time is up. Or those dollars.

Quit trying to be so successful and try being happy instead. I promise you it’s a better life.

This world is full of beautiful experiences, beautiful lessons, and beautiful people.

Your city is full of amazing opportunities and incredible families.

Your home is full of influential loved ones.

Discover those experiences. Embrace those lessons. Find those people.

Less success.

More life.