I accidentally started to think positively

Lately, I’ve been acting a little weird.

I catch myself stopping to smell fresh cut grass. And thinking about how life could not possibly be any better than this. Right here. In this moment.

Or watching a bird—even a lowly pigeon—and being amazed at how they shuffle about without worry. They aren’t thinking about tomorrow. They’re living in the moment. How have they figured this out when we sophisticated humans have not?

Or saying things like, “Think positive and invite the sun out.” And then watching the clouds part like the Red Sea an hour later.

I’ve been stopping in churches along this daily journey simply to sit and think. To drink in the beauty and peace in that place.

I’ve found myself sitting on a bench by the ocean and singing Kiss the Girl and Under the Sea to myself. Out loud. With no padded walls anywhere in sight.

I finally discovered why I’ve been acting so weird. Ya’know, lately.

It’s because I’ve started to think positively.

And thank God for that.

It took a friend in Bolivia 4 weeks to drive the point home, but it worked. Sometimes, I was angry. But it worked.

Who am I? And where has Graham the dictator fled to?

No one can be sure. But I will say one thing.

Choosing to divorce the natural tendency to worry has left me with an innate understanding that things will always work out.

Seeing every situation in a positive light has uncovered immense joy in my life.

I’m thousands of miles from my family. I have very little money to my name. But I’m happy.

Life is good. When you expect positive outcomes.