Bangkok. A city full of color, smells, and experiences waiting to be had.

Glance down the street. Every home is painted a new and exciting color, each taxi a different color of the rainbow. Stare in comatose at the seizure-inducing lights the shops employ in hopes of peaking your curiosity.

Notice the ladyboy as she walks by you. Why wear regular old blue jeans when you can wear neon green jeans? She smiles because she’s happy. This town accepts her for who she truly is. Finally.

You hear a deep rumble from within. Lunch time. Sit down at the table to your right, just next to the dog begging for its next meal. There’s no way of knowing what’s inside that bowl of soup you just ordered because the picture you pointed to was clipped from a cooking magazine. Eat. Enjoy every last bite. Find out later that you ate coagulated blood. For some reason, your body gags even though the taste has long since taken its leave.

Ride on a motorcycle taxi. Don’t worry about that helmet you’re not wearing—nobody is wearing them. Besides, you’ll be okay. Probably.

Rent a scooter. Watch the traffic. Observe the people. Different shapes. Different sizes. Different colors. Different fashions.

Inhale the scent of delicious Thai food being prepared at every street corner. Take another breath. Gasoline. Turn your head. Smoke. Step into that quaint little alleyway. Urine. Stumble into a park. Trees. Grass. Incense.

Embrace the smells.

Appreciate the people.

Respect the culture.