Angels snore

It was 4 o’clock in the morning when I got kicked out of my seat on the train.

The man who laid claim to the seat I was in had no problem waking me up and yelling at me. I was not impressed, especially considering I had been kicked into the cold just a few hours earlier because the 24-hour diner I was in decided they were closing. It was cold outside—15˚ below zero, to be exact—and I was dressed for summer. Trains that depart at 3am are never convenient.

So I made my way to the only other empty seat on the train, right beside a lady who was snoring so loudly that I purposely avoided her the first time I walked by. Fate, however, placed me in the seat beside her. I accidentally woke her as I fumbled my way over her legs to the window seat. Now she was angry and snoring.

I slept. For 10 blissful minutes that entire night, I slept.

That snoring lady turned out to be a huge blessing. She lived in the city I was trying to make my way to—30 hours away in Argentina.

She helped me catch all of the correct buses. She woke me on the bus so I wouldn’t miss breakfast being served. She shared hot water from her thermos with me so I could have tea.

She did all of this through a complete language barrier. This lady spoke no English. Anything we wished to communicate, we acted out. These games of Charades continued across the border and into new cities.

41 hours earlier, I was angry that I had to cozy up next to the snoring lady on the train. Now, I realize she was a blessing in disguise. My guide.

Angels might snore. But don’t write them off because of it.